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30th Apr 2016
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BLIND MAN’S SONG – Pleasance Theatre, London.

Blind Man’s Song happens in an hour full of mystery and atmosphere. No words. Movement and sound and a few props create an entity of enigma and, sometimes, beauty. It...

13th Mar 2016


If there were awards for energy, then Something Something Lazarus, a new musical by John Myatt and Simon Arrowsmith, might be in with a chance of some silverware. As it...

14th Feb 2016

DRESS REHEARSAL – OSO Arts Centre, London.

The idea behind Dress Rehearsal is simply to give some aspiring opera singers the opportunity to sing some of the big songs from the repertoire, tieing those performances together with some...

12th Jan 2016

TIPPING POINT – Platform Theatre, London.

Tipping Point is a show by Ockham’s Razor. If you know the company, then you may have an inkling of what to expect, even without the knowledge that this is...

27th Dec 2015
A Christmas Carol

A CHRISTMAS CAROL – Middle Temple Hall, London.

This is a feel-good production dramatising Charles Dickens’ Christmas morality tale. It begins with Scrooge and a lot of bah-humbuggery, and ends with the extensive cast singing ‘We wish you...

02nd Dec 2015
Howard Barker Double Bill

HOWARD BARKER DOUBLE BILL – Arcola Theatre, London.

It’s not often you are called upon to sit in a Theatre for an hour in total darkness. Howard Barker’s The Twelfth Battle of Isonzo expects its audience to do that, substituting...

25th Nov 2015

3 GUYS NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN – Finborough Theatre, London.

3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down is an unashamedly alternative musical, produced on a budget that would probably make a miser blush, and with what is lacking in lavishness...

20th Nov 2015

FLOWERING CHERRY – Finborough Theatre, London.

This is a revival of Robert Bolt’s first commercial success as a playwright. He was 33 and still a teacher at Millfield School when Flowering Cherry received its first production...

10th Oct 2015

THE FIRST MAN – Jermyn Street Theatre, London

The First Man is not one of those productions that explodes into life, and at first there is a worry that too much of the engineering in this play might be too...

09th Oct 2015

CRUSHED SHELLS AND MUD – Southwark Playhouse, London.

Writer Ben Musgrave presents us with a view of a dystopian Britain in some unspecified future that only gradually comes into focus. When Crushed Shells and Mud begins we seem to...

03rd Sep 2015
Volta Festival at The Arcola Theatre
Photo Credit: ©Richard Davenport 2015, Richard@rwdavenport.co.uk, 07545642134

HAMLET IS DEAD. NO GRAVITY – Arcola Theatre, London.

This play by Austrian writer Ewald Palmetshofer has been translated by Neil Blackadder and brings together six actors in the main space at the Arcola Theatre, part of the Volta...

03rd Sep 2015

CAUGHT – Arcola Theatre, London.

The Volta International Festival, at London’s Arcola Theatre, brings together a cast of 14 actors performing plays by international writers, often in translation. Caught is written by an American writer...