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17th Mar 2015

STEVIE – Hampstead Theatre, London.

Imelda Staunton owned the Hampstead stage in last year’s Good People, which gets a much-deserved West End transfer later this spring. Now it’s the turn of another eminent actress to...

20th Jan 2015

EAST IS EAST – Richmond Theatre, London.

The mark of a great revival is that compelling combination of recapturing the past and commenting on the present. Ayub Khan Din’s distinctive comedy/drama, which impressed on its searing 1996...

13th Nov 2014
Wildefire, Hampstead Theatre, London

WILDEFIRE – Hampstead Theatre, London.

London is burning. The streets of Tottenham, Brixton, Enfield and Wood Green are alight as peaceful protest turns to violent protest turns to ruthless opportunism. Those who recall the 2011...

12th Nov 2014
Not About Heroes, Trafalgar Studios, London

NOT ABOUT HEROES – Trafalgar Studios, London.

It’s the battle of the touring war plays, with both Nicholas Wright and Stephen MacDonald’s accounts of a fateful meeting between poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon making timely viewing...

28th Oct 2014

REGENERATION – Richmond Theatre, London.

The intellectually rigorous artistic response to the anniversary of the First World War continues with Nicholas Wright’s economical adaptation of Pat Barker’s acclaimed 1990s literary trilogy, which arrives at Richmond...

12th Oct 2014

THE DISTANCE – Orange Tree Theatre, London.

When A Doll’s House premiered in 1879, actress Hedwig Niemann-Raabe refused to perform Ibsen’s ending as written, declaring: “I would never leave my children!” While Helen Baxendale can and does...

02nd Oct 2014

SEMINAR – Hampstead Theatre, London.

Writing is not a spectator sport. Theresa Rebeck’s wryly cynical 2011 play sets out to disprove that fact by focussing on the hoopla surrounding the act of putting pen to...

10th Sep 2014

APRIL IN PARIS – Richmond Theatre, London.

Thirty years ago, Andy Warhol gathered together 300,000 disparate possessions in cardboard boxes, creating a makeshift time capsule for the edification of future generations. There is another time capsule of...

26th Jul 2014
a bright room called day, southwark playhouse, london

A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY – Southwark Playhouse, London.

It seems almost unnecessary to criticise Tony Kushner’s insufferable polemic when he does so regularly within the text. Characters rebuke one another for their “bad romantic posturing”, “elegant despair” and...

23rd Jul 2014
shakespeare in love, noel coward theatre, london

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE – Noël Coward Theatre, London.

Shall I compare thee to the Oscar-winning movie? It’s an inescapable association, but one this new stage version embraces wholeheartedly, with faithful re-creations of beloved scenes and the majority of...

08th Jul 2014
under milk wood, richmond theatre, london

UNDER MILK WOOD – Richmond Theatre, London.

“Praise the Lord! We are a musical nation.”  Dylan Thomas’s ‘play for voices’ is not just one of the greatest radio dramas of all time, it is also the definitive...

02nd Jun 2014
Quietly, Soho Theatre, London

QUIETLY – Soho Theatre, London.

Owen McCafferty’s spellbinding study of violence, truth and forgiveness has gained extra resonance since its 2012 premiere at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre. In fact, its appearance at the Soho seems almost eerily...