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13th Mar 2016


If there were awards for energy, then Something Something Lazarus, a new musical by John Myatt and Simon Arrowsmith, might be in with a chance of some silverware. As it...

18th Jan 2016

BIG BROTHER BLITZKRIEG – King’s Head Theatre, London.

Big Brother Blitzkrieg kicks off with a dejected Hitler (Stephen Chance) consulting a university rejection letter. Despondent and devastated, he attempts suicide. He fails. When he awakes from a state...

18th Jan 2016

THE LONG ROAD SOUTH – King’s Head Theatre, London.

A clammy, balmy atmosphere permeates the stage space in Civil Rights drama The Long Road South. Set across a hot afternoon and evening in Indianapolis in 1965, Paul Minx’s script traces...

15th Apr 2015

MRS ROOSEVELT FLIES TO LONDON – King’s Head Theatre, London.

Eleanor Roosevelt was an extraordinary woman; in Mrs Roosevelt Flies To London, Alison Skilbeck has written a piece which conveys some of the reasons, events and actions that made her...

15th Feb 2015

A bit of Rumpy Pumpy at the Kings Head and the Landor

Calm down everyone, there will be no jokes about crumpets, at least not in this newspiece. BargainTheatre’s eye has been caught by a new musical that combines the venerable Women’s...

04th May 2014
foreplay, king's head theatre

FOREPLAY – King’s Head Theatre, London.

Interviewed recently in the Guardian, the playwright Carl Djerassi sets up a marker for one of the biggest impressions this play will give to the audience. He is unapologetic about...

28th Jan 2014
half a person

HALF A PERSON – King’s Head Theatre, London.

This is a captivating story of music, love and loss performed with equal measures of humor and desperation by Joe Presley, portraying the highly emotive realisation of William, a young...

27th Jan 2014

SHANG-A-LANG – King’s Head Theatre, London.

That Shang-a-Lang is being advertised with the stark warning “NOT A MUSICAL. DOES NOT CONTAIN ABBA. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN” signals how much its author Catherine Johnson’s biggest hit –...

30th Aug 2013
Bonnie nad Clyde 2

BONNIE AND CLYDE – King’s Head Theatre, London.

The real-life story of Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow’s escapades has been well documented through the decades, most notably with the 1967 film starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, and...

16th Aug 2013
sochi 2014, king's head theatre

SOCHI 2014 – King’s Head Theatre responds to Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Reacting to the escalating violence and oppression towards gay Russians after Putin’s anti-gay legislation (Propaganda of Non-traditional Sexual Relations bill) and the current high-profile debate over the Sochi 2014 Olympics, the King’s Head...

26th Jul 2013
the boat factory

THE BOAT FACTORY – The King’s Head, London.

Built from the stories of his community and the legends of his childhood, The Boat Factory is the writer and actor Dan Gordon’s tribute to Harland and Wolff’s Belfast shipyards....

30th Jun 2013

OUR TOWN – King’s Head Theatre, London.

My first experience at the King’s Head Theatre is clearly marked by reviewing the 75th anniversary production of Our Town by Thornton Wilder in the midst of a diverse audience....