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26th May 2016

A SUBJECT OF SCANDAL AND CONCERN – Finborough Theatre, London.

2016 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the term “angry young man” being coined by George Fearon in an attempt to describe John Osborne’s post-war writing to an audience more accustomed...

12th Jan 2016

STONY BROKE IN NO MAN’S LAND – Finborough Theatre, London

Part of the Finborough’s impressive TheGreatWar100 series, charting WWI through Theatre and performance, Stony Broke in No Man’s Land returns to the venue which hosted its world premier in May...

25th Nov 2015

3 GUYS NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN – Finborough Theatre, London.

3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down is an unashamedly alternative musical, produced on a budget that would probably make a miser blush, and with what is lacking in lavishness...

20th Nov 2015

FLOWERING CHERRY – Finborough Theatre, London.

This is a revival of Robert Bolt’s first commercial success as a playwright. He was 33 and still a teacher at Millfield School when Flowering Cherry received its first production...

06th Nov 2015

THE STATIONMASTER – Tristan Bates Theatre, London.

There’s a lot to love here in The Stationmaster, and coming in as the headline musical in Aria Entertainment’s From Page to Stage new musicals series at the Tristan Bates, it’s...

25th Oct 2015

TREASURE – Finborough Theatre, London.

Set in the intense heat of high summer in the Russian Pale circa 1900, David Pinski’s Treasure, adapted by Colin Chambers, delves into the lengths people will go to when...

06th Sep 2015

THIS HEAVEN – Finborough Theatre, London.

Receiving its premiere in Sydney in 2013, Nakkiah Lui’s This Heaven returns to the Finborough as a full production a year after the Theatre hosted a successful staged reading of the play....

27th Aug 2015

MY EYES WENT DARK – Finborough Theatre, London.

Potential audience members should beware, there’s art afoot here. One narrative tells two stories, and the rawness, emotion and sensitivity on show are both alluring and intimidating. We’re following Nikolai...

03rd Aug 2015

WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE – Finborough Theatre, London.

“Gentrification” is a word that inevitably crops up in any conversation about the London property market. Affluent young upstarts move into an up-and-coming area, and before you know it, it’s...

30th Jul 2015

OPERATION CRUCIBLE – Finborough Theatre, London.

This is new writing; a new play in which the playwright Kieran Knowles performs with three others making up the cast. It tells the story of young men, steelworkers in...

30th Jun 2015

A THIRD – Finborough Theatre, London.

In Laura Jacqmin’s new play A Third, we find Paul and Allison, a married couple, up-scale, urban and a little bohemian, facing down the long forever of monogamy. Considering themselves...

25th Jun 2015

ALPHA BETA – Finborough Theatre, London.

Rammed with a whole range of conversational tricks, taunts and trauma, Ted Whitehead’s Alpha Beta has been skillfully revived at the Finborough Theatre by director Purni Morell, over forty years...