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SHOOTING WITH LIGHT – New Diorama Theatre, London.

Shooting With LightIdle Motion have created a bold and emotional production entitled Shooting with light, which is centred around a young couple who risk their lives taking photographs and capturing real life during the Spanish Civil War. Integrating physical Theatre, multimedia and a varied soundtrack, the fast-paced performance whisks us back and forth to separate time periods. Despite the distance of decades, they are extremely relevant to each other and without a doubt succeeds in filling the audience  with great anticipation.

The surprise of the evening is the set. At first glance there is not anything particularly intriguing about the bland pile of boxes in front of me – however they are a huge asset to Shooting with Light and rather than being a simple blank canvas to merely project images onto, have many other uses throughout, which – without wanting to give too much away – has been incorporated shrewdly by the company.

In general the piece is difficult to fault. The ensemble have evidently worked hard at creating a choreography which is unbelievably slick; from transitioning into different scenes and cleverly moving props as part of the plot, to highlighting the sheer terror of war with short, sharp movements – all complimenting the music/multimedia surrounding them. The narrative is strong and the use of technology is excellent at highlighting the poignant moments without overshadowing the rest of the production. Moments of comical nostalgia and young love are also interspersed into the piece, providing the source of relief needed to maintain a realistic interest.

If I was to be overly critical, I could mention that the script can at times be a little disjointed and somewhat ‘theatrical’, however for the most part, the relationship between Taro (Sophie Cullen) and Capa (Nathan Parkinson) is charming and absolutely real. Their life together is documented in small segments – snapshots – which is perhaps the reason for the brief, fragmented bits of dialogue and in keeping of the methodology of the photographic performance.

For such a young company, Idle Motion have proved themselves to be versatile, creative and original with their production of Shooting with Light – not only with their meticulous style of performance, but also from the in-depth research that has gone into developing the piece. If this is anything to go by, I can see a bright future ahead of them.

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Reviewed 20/10/2015

By Natalie Green

20th-24th October 2015
New Diorama Theatre, London NW1 3BF

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