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07th Jun 2016

TITANIC – Charing Cross Theatre, London

After first setting sail at the Southwark Playhouse three years ago, Thom Sutherland’s revival of Titanic at the Charing Cross Theatre certainly packs a punch. Maury Yeston’s stirring music is...

02nd Dec 2015
Kings of Broadway

KINGS OF BROADWAY – Palace Theatre, London.

Two and a half hours of actors, orchestra and audience celebrating three giants of musical Theatre, Alex Parker’s Kings of Broadway was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening....

16th May 2015

CUDDLES – Ovalhouse, London.

The words “Once upon a time” can be the start of a fairy story, or a twisted way of leading an audience down a dark path. Cuddles at the Ovalhouse...

07th Mar 2015

BENEFIT– Pleasance Theatre, London.

“Porn is capitalism with its cock out”. Sarah Woods’ Benefit tells three interlocking stories of the people left behind by the Conservatives’ idea of a Big Society. After a quick...

05th Mar 2015

LARDO – Old Red Lion Theatre, London.

Mike Stone’s Lardo, truly is two hours of “Tartan Wrestling Madness”, and barmy, brilliant theatre. The audience are instantly wrestling converts, sat around the professional ring that has been built...

07th Feb 2015


Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, lecturer and author Dr. Lisa Peschel and the University of York presented a series of theatrical works that had been written in the...

20th Dec 2014

MEMPHIS THE MUSICAL – Shaftesbury Theatre, London

It took Memphis: The Musical four Tony Awards and two years after its Broadway closing to transfer to the West End, but it is definitely worth the wait. All singing,...

05th Dec 2014

USAGI YOJIMBO – Southwark Playhouse, London.

“I am a rabbit!” Usagi Yojimbo is visually stunning. From the projections, to the costumes to the fight scenes, it’s easy to imagine what the show looks like in its...

02nd Nov 2014

THE WALL – The Hope Theatre, London.

One wall in a small town in Scotland over the summer holidays attracts a lot of attention from four teenagers. Mayford Road’s production of The Wall is a sweet, laugh...

13th Oct 2014

MILKMILKLEMONADE – Ovalhouse Theatre, London.

Sitting on hay bales, hit in the head with a balloon chicken, singing, dancing, and rhythmic gymnastics; Joshua Conkel’s MilkMilkLemonade is an endearing and charming story of growing up a...

18th Sep 2014

GHOST FROM A PERFECT PLACE – Arcola Theatre, London.

“Once, long ago, I was born in a paradise called Bethnal Green.” Ghost From A Perfect Place moves so rapidly from laugh out loud comedy to dark scenes and characters...

17th Mar 2014
away from home, jermyn street theatre

AWAY FROM HOME – Jermyn Street Theatre, London.

“Footie’s a real poof’s game,” well arguably not in Martin Jameson’s production of Away From Home. With just one man on stage, it is almost impossible to believe how many...