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SAPPHIRE SOUL – Hippodrome Casino, London.

sapphire soulIn a time when there are more Musical Theatre bands like Collabro than I can count, I was very sceptical heading to the Hippodrome to see the launch night for new MT girl supergroup ‘Sapphire Soul’. I couldn’t help but think I was about to see another act who would be headlining Kinky Kabaret at Freedom on a Monday (not a criticism, simply an observation).

I’m very pleased to say I was wrong, and very excited to say I was lucky enough to be present at the launch of a group who I think could be something very special.

sapphire soul 2Lisa-Marie Holmes, Sejal Keshwala and Laura Tebbutt are all established and incredibly gifted performers in their own right, but together their talents prove to be potentially unstoppable. With voices and harmonies to die for, it would be no exaggeration whatsoever to say my ears were in Heaven. With a set list ranging from Whitney Houston, to Prince, to the Musical Theatre repertoire we all know and love, these girls have something for everyone. I’d buy their album in a heartbeat.

And they certainly don’t look half bad either. To call these ladies glamorous would be an understatement.

Highlights of the evening have to be Tebbutt’s rendition of the Houston classic ‘Saving All My Love For You’ which was nothing short of sublime, and the trio performing ‘Defying Gravity’ which brought a packed out audience in the Hippodrome’s Matcham Room to its feet. As the audience settled down again, the girls jokingly asked if the audience would like to hear it again. I would happily have screamed ‘YES’ and listened to it all over again. I could say the same for the entire evening.

With voices that soar, harmonies to die for, and looks that could kill, I’m very excited to hear what’s next for Sapphire Soul. They are sure to have a thrilling future.

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Reviewed 17/08/14

By David Coverdale

17th August 2014
Hippodrome Casino, London, WC2.

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