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MIMETIC FESTIVAL 2014 – The Vaults, London.

mimetic-thumbnail-reviewThe Mimetic Festival team have transformed The Vaults into a stylish setting for what looks to be a fantastic festival of devised and physical Theatre, cabaret and puppetry, comprised of 120 shows.

Walking through the tunnel that leads into the wonderfully art deco themed Pi’s Bar (named after Pi The Mime, a character developed especially for the festival this year), all of The Vault’s venues are primed and ready for action over the next two weeks. Pi’s Bar is playing host to a variety of acts throughout the festival – namely Pi The Mime, a pop-up canteen from Honey and Lou (their food smells amazing!) and screenings from BURN, which is a collection of short films compiled and curated by Ben Walters. The room, or area, that BURN is playing in, is full of very comfy red deck chairs which you can recline in to watch the series of fifteen short films that make up the BURN exhibit. The total running time of these films is 71 minutes – and they cover a wide range of cabaret artists ‘on the move’, as each was given a video camera and asked to explore their artistry with this mobile audience. Artists include Dickie Beau with his A Man in the Crowd, which features him performing on the plinth in Trafalgar Square.

For this launch party, we were treated to a showcase of extracts from six of the shows featured in the festival. The first was the artist behind ‘Pi The Mime’, Seren Adieu, who compares the showcase with wit and humour that only a welsh accent can pull off. Adieu rounded off the showcase with a costume changing dancing extravaganza, supported by four dancers from Smudge Theatre, who are also performing during the festival.

Next up – and this is a real treat, the wonderful company Familia de la Noche performed a section of their new show The Greatest Liar In All The World, which looks to be just as brilliant, physically humourous and verbally witty as you would expect from their work. We then had extracts from Nothing To See Here (which I think that you need to see the full show to appreciate the narrative of this extract, which wasn’t exactly clear to follow in this context), Marion Deprez is Gorgeous…an openly debatable fact but the show promises to be glamourous if not hugely comical. Next came Holestar “London’s favourite Tranny with a Fanny” (Time Out), who sang a great number from her new show Sorry I’m A Lady. Last but not least came Boris & Sergey’s Preposterous Improvisation Experiment – sadly this was just Boris, but who (expertly aided by his three puppeteers) performed a wonderful piece of experimental dance to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights, in a dress – this is one to watch and had me giggling away, just for the mimed ‘window’ in time with the lyrics.

So to the box office everyone and enjoy the shows – all 120 of them!

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Reviewed 17/11/2014

By Emily Jones

17th – 29th November 2014
The Vaults, London, SE1.

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