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LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS – Roundabout @ SummerHall, Edinburgh.

8ba7e0f9-eb48-4cc6-a4fa-d91796add7eb-2060x1236Imagine an alternate universe where a new law was passed so that we could all only use 140 words per day (I would be absolutely useless and probably end up in prison within days). Playwright Sam Steiner has cleverly used this idea to explore the breakdown of a relationship in the delightful romantic comedy Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons which is back at the Fringe after a hit run last year. Bernadette and Oliver meet at a pet cemetery and instantly hit it off, he is a composer, she is a lawyer, and they’re both intelligent witty twenty-somethings who embark on a passionate relationship. Then the new “hush” law comes in and we gradually see their relationship breakdown as the amount of words they can use per day is monitored. Fear sets in when one partner has used more than the other and the inability to communicate and express their feelings quickly hurtles them both towards the inevitable break-up.

It’s a clever concept that brings the idea of how easily and quickly lack of communication can destroy a relationship and is sparklingly performed by two actors Beth Holmes and Euan Kitson who deliver the play with such sincerity and warmth that we end up falling in love with them. This only makes their inevitable break up more unbearable. Beth Holmes and Euan Kitson bring these characters to life and are certainly two names to watch out for, especially Holmes who delivers a fine performance, that whilst sunny and heartfelt, is never cloyingly so.  Although certain elements felt annoyingly and unnecessarily forced (do people really have cat funerals, and if they did would anyone other than the owner actually go?!) this is a promising play and features two must-see performances.

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Reviewd 13/08/16

By Rory Maxwell

18th-22nd and 24th-28th August 2016
Roundabout@SummerHall (venue 26), Edinburgh, EH9 1PL.

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