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KUNST ROCK – Soho Theatre, London.

Kunst Rock, Soho Theatre, LondonIf you are itching to be stunned, bewildered and a tad frightened when exiting a performance, then look no further than the satirical rock duo Die Roten Punkte and their current show; Kunst Rock (Art Rock). Written and starring Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias as brother and sister band members Astrid and Otto Rot, they perform a parody rock concert – introducing each number with a short sketch to try and bring an element of clarity to the themes behind their surreal playlist.

Dressed in costumes which look across between a vampire and a clown, the Rot duo would undoubtedly fit in well at Eurovision, accentuated further by their suspect German accents. However it soon becomes apparent that these two misfits are far from being the two-dimensional scatterbrains in which they portray as they thrown themselves into playing the drums and electric guitar with incredible ease that it almost sounds pre-recorded.

Their songs are infectious and flamboyant with boundless amounts of energy and the random lyrics – although not expertly written – are catchy and engages the audience to sing along. The interaction and jokes amongst the audience sometimes misses the mark and feel a little cringey, but after a slow start we warm to their unique and absurdly naive personas. The main annoyance with the performance is the constant staged bickering between the two characters. Although I appreciate all siblings have their moments, this occasionally feels like a lazy transition technique which becomes slightly too predictable.

Nevertheless the loose structure of the plot is well received and the comedic meanderings into the audience work well as playful confrontations with the audience. Although I do begin to fear for my life by the end with speakers being thrown into the audience (unsure if this is intentional), Astrid throwing herself around the stage after getting her clothes wrapped around the microphone and more sweat flying off of their faces than at a gym with the central heating turned on – I do strangely enjoy myself. I’m still debating whether or not to get the album so that I can listen to ‘Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I Am A Lion)’ one more time. If you love tacky, slapstick cabaret with a somewhat grotesque feel then you will certainly get a kick out of this.

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Reviewed 03/06/2014

By Natalie Green

3rd – 8th June 2014
Soho Theatre, London, W1D.

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