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KITTEN IN HEELS – LOST Theatre, London.


Kitten in HeelsKitten in Heels, written and produced by Paul L. Martin, who also stars as Dame Choo, is a quirky and innuendo filled version of Puss in Boots, is brought to the LOST Theatre stage by Excess All Areas as their fifteenth ‘adult’ panto.

The songs are great throughout, including ‘We Built this Panto on Prosecco’ and ‘Went to Primark, can’t afford Prada’, all of which are sung with great enthusiasm by the whole cast. Audience participation is encouraged and I would even go so far as to say it is friendly, more so for some than others! Jamie Anderson excels as King Rat, conveying a fun mix of the loveable baddie and an allergy ridden rat…cue Pussy played by Becky Finlay-Hall, the endearing sidekick (and brains) to Dick, played by Ashton Charge. Apart from in the opening number, there are surprisingly few thigh-slapping moments, but Charge conveys the dim-witted Dick with charm and a penchant for the eighteenth century costume that the rest of the cast have resolutely eschewed for the neon delights of the 80s and 90s. Costume designer Miranda Evans has really captured the fun in all of the character’s attire, especially those of Dame Choo – wigs galore!

Musical Director Birgitta Kenyon is on stage throughout, adding whimsical sound effects (with a kazoo) and excellent accompaniment to the narrative and solos. Fancy Chance plays a variety of roles, including an intuitive peddler who is always selling just what is needed – from shoes to capes to lemons. Dame Choo’s daughter Jenny, played by Holly Aisbitt, brings the angst ridden teenager closer to female emancipation, which is in-keeping with the more satirical nature of the narrative, with regular references to recent politics.

Kitten in Heels is a light-hearted romp through typical panto devices, including homage to well known refrains as ‘she’s behind you’ and ‘oh no it isn’t’, all of which get the audience going; but nothing compares to the level of interaction the sing-a-long panto song produces – the audience are on their feet, clapping and singing along like a scene from a bizarre holiday camp. Choreography from Ooh La Lou (AKA Sarah-Lou) adds a refined quality to the ensemble numbers and gives the whole piece a polished look. The entire cast play with the set, costume and the building blocks of a stereotypical pantomime to deliver the highly amusing Kitten in Heels.

For a fun night out on Wandsworth Road, Kitten in Heels is a great alternative to your average panto – the wigs alone are a sight to be seen. Enjoy one and all!

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Reviewed 11/12/15

By Emily Jones

10th – 12th and 18th – 20th December 2015
LOST Theatre, London SW8 2JU

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