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DIVALLUSION – Assembly Checkpoint, Edinburgh.

DivallusionChristina Bianco is a YouTube sensation, with her variety of incredibly accurate impersonations, this little lady with the huge voice is definitely on her way to becoming a big star. In her fabulous Edinburgh show, Divallusion, Bianco wows the audience from the offset with her range and detail as her and diva-partner-drag-queen, Velma Celli, storm to the stage of Assembly Checkpoint belting at the audience with such force and passion we’re instantly blown away.

Throughout a series of duets, solos and comedy sketches, these duelling divas more than compliment each other with Celli’s Northern sarcasm and drollness providing the perfect foil for Bianco’s sweetness and like-ability. A definite highlight is Bianco’s Celine Dion impression which takes the form of Celine delivering an almost religious service to explain the rules of ‘diva’. It’s a hilarious moment which Bianco delivers so truthfully it’s almost as if Dion herself has popped up to the Fringe for a brief appearance.

A more moving segment sees Bianco pay tribute to Judy Garland with a gorgeous rendition of her signature song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” sung as both an impression of Garland and in Bianco’s crystal clear ‘real’ voice. Celli’s impressions are sometimes slightly less distinguishable but she nails a rendition of “And I Am Telling You” sung by the most unlikely of divas and I must say I found this tightly scripted and structured show a much stronger showcase for her than some of her previous solo work I have seen.

This is Bianco’s show though, and she massively delivers, with fans practically begging for more. Although this is her first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe – I very much doubt it will be her last.

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Reviewed 13/08/14

By Rory Maxwell

3rd – 23rd August 2014
Assembly Check Point, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


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