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30th Apr 2016
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BLIND MAN’S SONG – Pleasance Theatre, London.

Blind Man’s Song happens in an hour full of mystery and atmosphere. No words. Movement and sound and a few props create an entity of enigma and, sometimes, beauty. It...

25th Mar 2016


These Books Are Made For Walking is a piece of performance theatre created by Bikes and Rabbits and runs  for two nights only at the cosy Jacksons Lane theatre in...

07th Feb 2016

LIGHT – Battersea Arts Centre, London.

Technology may have enhanced our lives no end, but as the old adage goes, “you cannot put the genie back in the bottle”. Set somewhere near the end of the...

12th Jan 2016

TIPPING POINT – Platform Theatre, London.

Tipping Point is a show by Ockham’s Razor. If you know the company, then you may have an inkling of what to expect, even without the knowledge that this is...

23rd Oct 2015

SHOOTING WITH LIGHT – New Diorama Theatre, London.

Idle Motion have created a bold and emotional production entitled Shooting with light, which is centred around a young couple who risk their lives taking photographs and capturing real life...

10th Aug 2015

BROMANCE – Underbelly’s Circus Hub, Edinburgh.

“Bromance – noun (informal). 1. A close but non-sexual relationship between two men. Early 21st-century: blend of brother and romance.” The work of Barely Methodical Troupe, Bromance is a beguiling show...

23rd Apr 2015

A SIMPLE SPACE – Udderbelly Festival, London.

There is nothing simple about this absolutely spectacular feat of acrobatics – except the space in which these seven highly talented young acrobats present a feast of visual entertainment; it...

22nd Mar 2015

BOY IN DARKNESS – Blue Elephant Theatre, London.

Sometimes the Theatre is a totally comfortable place to be. Sit down, switch off and let the world pass by in front of your eyes. But there is another kind...

07th Mar 2015

MISSING – Battersea Arts Centre, London.

Critically acclaimed theatre company Gecko have received huge amounts of praise for their long running production entitled Missing – a surreal insight into the memory of Lily; who floats between...

19th Feb 2015

SONGS OF LEAR – Battersea Arts Centre, London.

This is a one-hour show that is performed by a cast of ten, eleven if you include the narrator. There is no set. Everyone is dressed in black (black frocks for...

21st Jan 2015

LIGHT – Barbican Theatre, London.

Having seen their initial 40 minute scratch performance of Light this time last year, I s strangely intrigued to see how Theatre Ad Infinitum’s production has developed over the year and whether the...

05th Dec 2014

USAGI YOJIMBO – Southwark Playhouse, London.

“I am a rabbit!” Usagi Yojimbo is visually stunning. From the projections, to the costumes to the fight scenes, it’s easy to imagine what the show looks like in its...