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25th Aug 2016
Le Bossu

LE BOSSU – Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh.

It’s always disappointing when a company whose work you adored in their debut at the fringe, returns with a show that whilst still having its moments, is somehow missing that...

19th Aug 2016

F**CKING MEN, Assembly Hall, Edinburgh.

Direct from a sold out (much extended run) at London’s Kings Head Theatre F**king Men makes its debut at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Writer Joe Di Pietro’s startling play is...

19th Aug 2016

GHOST QUARTET – Roundabout@SummerHall, Edinburgh.

It’s past 9pm and a group of four musicians take to the stage at Paines Plough’s pop-up Roundabout, to weave their spellbinding musical storytelling around the audience – filling this...

19th Aug 2016

LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS – Roundabout @ SummerHall, Edinburgh.

Imagine an alternate universe where a new law was passed so that we could all only use 140 words per day (I would be absolutely useless and probably end up...

19th Aug 2016

HOW TO WIN AGAINST HISTORY – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh.

You’re not always certain when a fringe show starts that you are going to enjoy it. Especially when it’s in a venue that is a glorified metal container. Crammed into...

03rd Mar 2016

TRANSPORTS – Pleasance Theatre, London.

This spring, Cornwall-based Theatre company Pipeline are re-touring their first production Transports. With a subtle script, full of rich language and exciting turns of phrase, and two warm, intelligent and...

08th Feb 2016

STAY AWAKE, JAKE – Vaults Festival, London.

Having won the coveted S&S Award last year, there is a lot of buzz around the new musical Stay Awake, Jake that opened at the Vaults Festival earlier this week....

07th Feb 2016

LIGHT – Battersea Arts Centre, London.

Technology may have enhanced our lives no end, but as the old adage goes, “you cannot put the genie back in the bottle”. Set somewhere near the end of the...

09th Oct 2015

SHE CALLED ME MOTHER – Stratford Circus, London.

Michelle Inniss, writer of She Called Me Mother, has put together an absolutely beautiful script. It’s full of imagery; it’s funny. It distils complex emotions into punchy monologues and it...

09th Oct 2015

CRUSHED SHELLS AND MUD – Southwark Playhouse, London.

Writer Ben Musgrave presents us with a view of a dystopian Britain in some unspecified future that only gradually comes into focus. When Crushed Shells and Mud begins we seem to...

28th Sep 2015

MARTYR – Unicorn Theatre, London.

Teenage rebellion manifests itself in many ways: parents are primed for dealing with issues surrounding drink and drugs… but not religion. In Martyr, When Benjamin Sinclair develops an unhealthy obsession for a...

26th Sep 2015

FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT – Soho Theatre, London.

In Fake It ‘Til You Make It, performance artist Bryony Kimmings and her partner Tim Grayburn team up in this hour long mishmash of eclectic songs, chats and delirious chaos, tackling head...