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25th Apr 2016

REMOTE – Camden People’s Theatre, London.

Interactive Theatre is fast becoming a very busy genre on the London fringe scene, with audiences drawn by the gimmick of having some bearing on how a show will play...

26th Sep 2015

NEVER ENDING NIGHT- The Vaults, London.

Never Ending Night, an immersive theatre experience about life after an apocalyptic pandemic, has a very promising start. The audience is led into the labyrinth of tunnels underneath Waterloo station,...

13th Jul 2015

JAZZAMATAZZ – London Wonderground, London

If you have a little one bursting with enviable never-ending energy and you’re struggling to keep them occupied this summer, then head over to Jazzamatazz and join Ali McGregor’s infectious family cabaret...

06th May 2015

THE CANDIDATE – Theatre Delicatessen, London.

Whether you have been racing to the polling stations or know as much about politics as a baked potato, you should without a doubt get yourself to see The Candidate...

07th Mar 2015

BENEFIT– Pleasance Theatre, London.

“Porn is capitalism with its cock out”. Sarah Woods’ Benefit tells three interlocking stories of the people left behind by the Conservatives’ idea of a Big Society. After a quick...

11th Nov 2014

GATECRASH – Zest Theatre, London.

Zest Theatre certainly know how to connect with their target audience of 14-18 year olds.  Gatecrash is the simple concept of a houseparty that goes viral on social media, and...

06th Jul 2014
macbeth rift

MACBETH – Balfron Tower, London

Taking over whole floors of the Balfron Tower, Erno Goldfinger’s brutalist masterpiece, RIFT’s latest event is immersive theatre on the grandest of scales: an all-night, sleep-over Macbeth, with three different...

16th Apr 2014
rubbish, southbank centre

RUBBISH – Southbank Centre, London.

Walking into the Purcell Room a ginormous pile of rubbish faces you, gently exuding smoke. The effect is intriguing which is heightened by the entrance of the four performers in their...

27th Jul 2013
lost nation

LOST NATION – The Red Room, London.

Set in the heart of London – and more specifically Kilburn – the site specific performance of Lost Nation in connection with The Red Room is an insightful and thought...

17th May 2013
Unhappy Birthday review


Amy Lamé has never been portrayed as a shy and retiring person, but she really exceeds herself in self acclaimed performance; Unhappy Birthday. On entering the reception area, you are...

27th Apr 2013
affection sessions, last refuge, review


The unusual, almost derelict building at The Last Refuge enables this ten minute solo performance of The Affection Sessions to portray and highlight a completely raw work-in-progress. Written and performed...

27th Apr 2013
Dog Rough, Last Refuge, Review


Being handed an oversized, yellow fleece, mp3 player with headphones and told to go and explore Peckham for ten minutes isn’t exactly what I have planned for the evening, yet...