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06th Jul 2015

ORSON’S SHADOW – Southwark Playhouse, London.

The way renowned theatre critic Kenneth Tynan is characterised by playwright Austin Pendleton in Orson’s Shadow, leaves one to infer that a critic is no-one and not to be trusted. However,...

06th Jul 2015

LAMPEDUSA – Soho Theatre, London.

The migrant boat crisis in the Mediterranean is sad. Very sad. In spite of the dangers, they come in waves of incomprehensible numbers. A week ago, Sir Nicholas Winton passed...

05th Jul 2015

AS IS – Trafalgar Studios, London.

  Written in 1985, William M. Hoffman’s As Is is a poignant reflection of the experience and reactions of Rich, a man who has AIDS, and his friends and family....

30th Jun 2015

A THIRD – Finborough Theatre, London.

In Laura Jacqmin’s new play A Third, we find Paul and Allison, a married couple, up-scale, urban and a little bohemian, facing down the long forever of monogamy. Considering themselves...

25th Jun 2015

CONSTELLATIONS – Richmond Theatre, London.

Most plays only tell us one story: Constellations tells us many – including the ones that didn’t actually happen (but could have). In this intimate exploration of infinite possibilities, we see...

25th Jun 2015

ALPHA BETA – Finborough Theatre, London.

Rammed with a whole range of conversational tricks, taunts and trauma, Ted Whitehead’s Alpha Beta has been skillfully revived at the Finborough Theatre by director Purni Morell, over forty years...

17th Jun 2015

ABSENT FRIENDS – Richmond Theatre, London.

It’s 1974, and old friends are meeting under sad circumstances for a tea party on a Saturday afternoon. Colin, a previously absent friend, has lost his girlfriend in a drowning...

15th Jun 2015

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY – St James Studio, London.

Merlin Holland and John O’Connor’s adaption of The Picture of Dorian Gray for the European Arts Company has much to commend it. Holland and O’Connor neatly capture Oscar Wilde’s sharp humour and...

10th Jun 2015

MISS WILSON’S WATERLOO – Finborough Theatre, London.

For a play billed as a rehearsed reading, the small-but-perfectly-formed Finborough Theatre certainly do pull out a good few stops. There is music, a simple set comprised of a small...

05th Jun 2015

STOP … THE PLAY – Trafalgar Studios, London.

Born of a desire to send up the theatrical process, to share the profession’s in-jokes with the audience, Stop … The play generates the belly laughs but still leaves us...

04th Jun 2015

DIRTY SPECIAL THING – Platform Theatre, London.

Generation Arts’ Future Stage Company presents Dirty Special Thing, the result of a five-week devising process. It is an insightful piece presented as a series of vignettes encapsulating moments in the...

16th May 2015

CUDDLES – Ovalhouse, London.

The words “Once upon a time” can be the start of a fairy story, or a twisted way of leading an audience down a dark path. Cuddles at the Ovalhouse...