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14th Nov 2015

DISCOVER LOVE – Undisclosed location, London.

Despite the harrowing story it tells, Discover Love comes to us by way of a celebration: against all odds the Belarus Free Theatre have lasted for 10 years. They are...

25th Oct 2015

TREASURE – Finborough Theatre, London.

Set in the intense heat of high summer in the Russian Pale circa 1900, David Pinski’s Treasure, adapted by Colin Chambers, delves into the lengths people will go to when...

23rd Oct 2015

SHOOTING WITH LIGHT – New Diorama Theatre, London.

Idle Motion have created a bold and emotional production entitled Shooting with light, which is centred around a young couple who risk their lives taking photographs and capturing real life...

19th Oct 2015


I’m with the Banned is the opening event of Staging A Revolution, a series of theatrical events taking place over two weeks to mark the 10th anniversary of Belarus Free...

19th Oct 2015

PLAYGROUND – Old Red Lion Theatre, London.

With a set-up that shows he has a stronger stomach than most, Peter Hamilton has chosen to base his new work Playground, a dark comedy about a fragmented society, around the investigation...

10th Oct 2015

THE FIRST MAN – Jermyn Street Theatre, London

The First Man is not one of those productions that explodes into life, and at first there is a worry that too much of the engineering in this play might be too...

10th Oct 2015

OVID’S METAMORPHOSES – Earl Haig Hall, London.

Arriving in London after a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Pants on Fire’s incredibly charming version of some of the tales from Ovid’s Metamorphoses has found an ideal home at the...

09th Oct 2015

SHE CALLED ME MOTHER – Stratford Circus, London.

Michelle Inniss, writer of She Called Me Mother, has put together an absolutely beautiful script. It’s full of imagery; it’s funny. It distils complex emotions into punchy monologues and it...

09th Oct 2015

THE GREAT GATSBY – Greenwich Theatre, London.

The Great Gatsby is one of the most iconic novels of the 20th Century.  In a couple of hundred pages its author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, encapsulated an entire generation’s dreams,...

09th Oct 2015

CRUSHED SHELLS AND MUD – Southwark Playhouse, London.

Writer Ben Musgrave presents us with a view of a dystopian Britain in some unspecified future that only gradually comes into focus. When Crushed Shells and Mud begins we seem to...

04th Oct 2015

VALHALLA – Theatre503, London.

Paul Murphy’s new play Valhalla – his first – has had a rough ride to the stage. The male lead, Clint Dyer, withdrew from the production on press night. A...

28th Sep 2015

MINIATURISTS 53 – Arcola Theatre, London.

The latest in the Arcola’s long running Sunday evening series of new short plays, Miniaturists 53 assembles five new works, all from different writers. If you come along expecting semi-staged readings, you’ll...