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14th Jun 2014
tonight at 8.30, richmond theatre

TONIGHT AT 8.30 – Richmond Theatre, London.

In the mid 1930s, and after a string of successes, the great Noel Coward decided to revitalise himself as a playwright and wrote a collection of nine one-act plays under...

07th Jun 2014
bare essentials, savoy tup

BARE ESSENTIALS – Savoy Tup, London.

Bare essentials is a night run by Encompass Productions with the admirable aim of presenting new work by writers from all over the world. The night is a regular event,...

05th Jun 2014
Kunst Rock, Soho Theatre, London

KUNST ROCK – Soho Theatre, London.

If you are itching to be stunned, bewildered and a tad frightened when exiting a performance, then look no further than the satirical rock duo Die Roten Punkte and their...

28th May 2014
Bunch of Amateurs, The Watermill

A BUNCH OF AMATEURS – The Watermill, Newbury.

The rural village that houses the beautiful Watermill theatre is an ideal setting for a play about a Hollywood big shot arriving at a small English town for a stab...

20th May 2014
about a heist, brighton fringe

ABOUT A HEIST – The Lectern, Brighton.

The Lectern hosts a slightly odd comedy which the programme dedicates to hapless jewel-robbing gangs around the world in About a Heist. You’d be forgiven on first impressions for thinking you were...

15th May 2014
fleabag, soho theatre, drywrite

FLEABAG – Soho Theatre, London.

Fleabag – Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s foul-mouthed, uproarious and self-performed monologue about the misadventures of a young, sex-obsessed woman – has returned to the Soho Theatre after a successful run there last...

01st May 2014
the chairs

THE CHAIRS – The Albany, London.

There’s a lot to be said for highly worthy books and plays. The sort that one feels one should read or experience because they’ll be enriching even though they’re difficult....

10th Mar 2014
never mind the botox, white bear theatre

NEVER MIND THE BOTOX – White Bear Theatre, London.

It’s not that modern society produces members who are more superficial than generations past, it’s just that now we can really do something about it. Taking broad swipes at a...

05th Mar 2014
ben moor, each of us

EACH OF US – Tristan Bates Theatre, London.

Our narrator paces the stage with open, broad gestures and a purposeful stare. He despatches poetic ruminations on life in London and life in general. He speaks of day-to-day 21st century...

02nd Mar 2014
rachael's cafe

RACHAEL’S CAFE – Old Red Lion Theatre, London.

Upon entering the Theatre at the Old Red Lion, we are immediately transferred from a pub to a café – Rachael’s Café that is.  There are empty cups and crumbs...

28th Feb 2014
the one

THE ONE – Soho Theatre, London.

Sexual violence. Verbal abuse. Psychological torture. Infidelity. Rape. Abortion. The basis of an earnest, plodding issues play? No, the shockingly funny, keenly observed and Verity Bargate Award-winning debut from DryWrite’s...

20th Feb 2014
1. Lucy Speed (Julie) in Amateur Girl at the St. James Studio. Photo by Robert Day

AMATEUR GIRL – St James Theatre, London.

Former Eastender Lucy Speed commands a rainbow of emotions in this engrossing one person play from celebrated contemporary playwright, Amanda Whittington. Amateur Girl is a story wound in fact but...