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24th Oct 2014

SPINE – Soho Theatre, London.

Growing up and growing old is a constantly shifting picture. Teenagers must become adults and adults, if they live long enough, will become dependents once more; let down by a...

16th Oct 2014

FIERCE – Camden People’s Theatre, London.

There is no doubt upon seeing Fierce that Kathryn Griffiths is both a highly accomplished writer and performer. This highly physical show sees Griffiths embody a range of characters to...

13th Oct 2014

MILKMILKLEMONADE – Ovalhouse Theatre, London.

Sitting on hay bales, hit in the head with a balloon chicken, singing, dancing, and rhythmic gymnastics; Joshua Conkel’s MilkMilkLemonade is an endearing and charming story of growing up a...

06th Oct 2014

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW – Brockley Jack Theatre, London.

Shakespeare’s comedy about marital politics is dark and sometimes sinister; Immersion Theatre’s production doesn’t shy away from that. The violent and frightening scenes are visceral and authentic, but somehow don’t...

27th Sep 2014

YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY – Above the Stag Theatre, London.

What do you get when you have the well-known Cinderella story, take it through classic movies like Sabrina and Funny Face and make it gay? You get You Should Be...

10th Sep 2014

APRIL IN PARIS – Richmond Theatre, London.

Thirty years ago, Andy Warhol gathered together 300,000 disparate possessions in cardboard boxes, creating a makeshift time capsule for the edification of future generations. There is another time capsule of...

02nd Sep 2014
by Jeeves trinity theatre

BY JEEVES – Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells.

“We don’t want to disappoint them, do we Jeeves?”, calls the lovable rogue of 20th century literature Bertie Wooster. In this lacklustre revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Alan Ayckbourn’s troubled...

27th Aug 2014
midsummer night's dream

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM – The Courtyard Theatre, London.

Rose Bridge Theatre Company have created a fun and enjoyable production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Courtyard Theatre N1 with their version transposed to the 1950’s era of...

28th Jul 2014
The Hackney Volpone, The Rose Lipman Building, London

THE HACKNEY VOLPONE – The Rose Lipman Building, London.

The shabby rustic chic of the Rose Lipman Building in the bustling confines of the N1 postal code is fast becoming an exciting place to catch some theatre. On this...

22nd Jul 2014
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 00.39.18

THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR – Coram’s Fields, London.

Often cited as one of Shakespeare’s less popular comedies and originally set under the reign of Henry IV, the Merry Wives of Windsor might seem a difficult piece to adapt...

17th Jul 2014

INVINCIBLE – St James Theatre, London.

Torben Betts play Invincible is a striking presentation of four characters – four people, living in Northern England, after the recession. All four are distinct ‘characters’ within society, you could even say...

10th Jul 2014
Brendon Burns, Soho Theatre, London

BRENDON BURNS – Soho Theatre, London.

Sometimes you have to see something bad in order to appreciate what is good. Not that this was particularly awful per se, but it certainly didn’t scale vertiginous comedic heights....