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30th Jan 2015

MOLLY WOBBLY – The Lounge, Leicester Square Theatre, London.

Molly Wobbly (or Molly Wobbly’s Tit Factory as it was previously known) is a rare creature: a new musical with genuine heart, an original story and an individual voice.  Paul...

29th Jan 2015

FAT MAN – The Vaults, London.

There are few art-forms that are as exposing for the performer as stand-up comedy. Very often the comedian’s flaws, mistakes and even character are on full display. Fat Man re-tells...

26th Jan 2015

BLIND DATE – Jermyn Street Theatre, London.

Springing from two well received short plays this full length dating caper sets out to tug at the heart-strings as well as tickle the funny bone. Unfortunately, in reaching for...

11th Jan 2015

SHAW’S WOMEN – Tristan Bates Theatre, London.

Jane Nightwork Productions are presenting two single act plays about women, or more accurately, about men’s love of women. The heroines of both plays are undoubtedly complex characters and, partly...

21st Dec 2014

ERIC AND LITTLE ERN – St James Theatre, London.

The names remain familiar. They were the lauded comedy heavyweights from a bygone era, praised in their golden heyday and celebrated ever since by new(er) champions of light entertainment telly,...

20th Dec 2014

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE – Bridge House Theatre, London.

Christmas-themed productions can often end up clichéd and hammy. It’s a Wonderful Life manages to avoid that. Guy Retallack (director) and Tony Palermo (playwright) turn the 1946 comedy-drama into a...

16th Dec 2014

POTTED SHERLOCK – Vaudeville Theatre, London.

I’m just going to say it: Dan and Jeff are the Morecambe and Wise of Theatre. You may scoff at such a comparison, but this pair are masters at making the...

27th Nov 2014

SAXON COURT – Southwark Playhouse, London.

December 2011, in the middle of the financial crisis, is not the best time to be running a business. Saxon Court Financial Recruitment Services is a small city agency that...

11th Nov 2014

THE FRIDA KAHLO OF PENGE WEST – Bridge House Theatre, London

The Frida Kahlo of Penge West, Chris Larner’s comedy about two women trying to put on a one-woman play, is quirky, charming and easy to enjoy. It is not terribly...

02nd Nov 2014

WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE? – Southwark Playhouse, London

Weaving together the life stories of ten older actors from three continents, Who Do We Think We Are? invites us to bear witness to family histories and personal experiences of...

02nd Nov 2014

THE WALL – The Hope Theatre, London.

One wall in a small town in Scotland over the summer holidays attracts a lot of attention from four teenagers. Mayford Road’s production of The Wall is a sweet, laugh...

24th Oct 2014

THE RIVALS – Arcola Theatre, London.

When I think of classic Restoration comedies, Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals is one of the first to spring to mind.  A tangle of mistaken identities, love, lies and of...