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11th Dec 2015
Nutcracker the Musical

NUTCRACKER THE MUSICAL – Pleasance Theatre, London.

The Nutcracker has become as much as festive staple as mince pies and too much mulled wine, however this is not the version you are perhaps familiar with. Nutcracker The...

11th Dec 2015
Peter Pan

PETER PAN – New Wimbledon Theatre, London.

Here are three reasons to go and see Peter Pan: Francesca Mills as Tinkerbell, Marcus Brigstocke as Hook and Flawless as the Pirate Crew. As pantos go there is a...

05th Dec 2015
Around the World in 80 Days

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS – St James Theatre, London.

Based on the novel by Jules Verne, Lucy Eason’s adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days explores the bounds of theatricality and human nature in a way that retains...

02nd Dec 2015
Cinderella and the Beanstalk


Theatre? Check. Set? Check. Props and costumes? Double check. Lights, sound and music? Triple check. Actors?…. Ah. Josh, John and James have been so busy writing their very silly mash-up...

02nd Dec 2015
Kings of Broadway

KINGS OF BROADWAY – Palace Theatre, London.

Two and a half hours of actors, orchestra and audience celebrating three giants of musical Theatre, Alex Parker’s Kings of Broadway was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening....

02nd Dec 2015
Howard Barker Double Bill

HOWARD BARKER DOUBLE BILL – Arcola Theatre, London.

It’s not often you are called upon to sit in a Theatre for an hour in total darkness. Howard Barker’s The Twelfth Battle of Isonzo expects its audience to do that, substituting...

25th Nov 2015

3 GUYS NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN – Finborough Theatre, London.

3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down is an unashamedly alternative musical, produced on a budget that would probably make a miser blush, and with what is lacking in lavishness...

25th Nov 2015
Paper Balloons Production Stills-3-2

ONCE UPON A SNOWFLAKE – Artsdepot, London.

Have you ever met a Spriteologist? Or even a Winter Sprite? Well you are in for a treat this winter with Once Upon A Snowflake. Join the Spriteologists Alexi (Alex...

21st Nov 2015

FAUSTAFF – The Cockpit, London.

In Faust, the German legend, Faust sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge and the ability to do whatever he wants. He agrees to an eternity...

20th Nov 2015

FLOWERING CHERRY – Finborough Theatre, London.

This is a revival of Robert Bolt’s first commercial success as a playwright. He was 33 and still a teacher at Millfield School when Flowering Cherry received its first production...

20th Nov 2015

ME AND MR C – Ovalhouse, London.

A massive amount of the criticism (unfair, btw) levelled at Michael McIntyre is that his comedy is too simple. He follows the Jerry Seinfeld “what is the deal with X”...

15th Nov 2015
Time of Women

TIME OF WOMEN – Young Vic, London.

Marking ten years since their formation, the Belarus Free Theatre are celebrating with Staging a Revolution, a festival-cum-retrospective of their work, which continues here with the UK premiere of Time...