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BRIEFS THE SECOND COMING – London Wonderground, London.

briefs the second comingTake six Australian hunks and one New Yorker of differing shapes and sizes, add a fierce portion of drag and mischievous masculinity, infuse with dancing, tumbling, juggling, acro-balancing, trapeze, hula hooping, lip syncing, six-inch heels, cover in sequins frocks and glamour, season with wicked wit, a pinch of punk and all-round misbehaviour and let the fun begin.

Briefs The Second Coming is a cabaret night with balls, in every sense of the word.

This Australian troop of male circus and burlesque performers brings their second show, aptly named The Second Coming back to the Wonderground (based on London’s Southbank) after a hugely successful run last September.

As you enter the fantastically impressive Spiegeltent in the heart of this temporary wonderland you will soon be greeted by a host of beautiful young men led by the charming and fierce Fez Faanana. The night is a celebration of masculinity with a side order of camp and a huge helping of humour with a variety of classic vaudevillian tricks, including aerial rope work, trapeze, magic, clowning, ballet and lip-synching.

The are numerous highlights to this flawlessly constructed production including a magic show that is as hilariously funny as it is mystifying from the wonderful Fez Fananna, aerial work from the powerhouse arms of Ben Lewis to blow your socks off and the solving of a Rubix Cube by the talented hands of youngster Louis Biggs is perhaps one of the sexiest things this reviewer has ever seen. However, it is impossible not to mention the grand finale of the show where Mark “Captain Kidd” Winmill, crowned king of burlesque in Las Vegas, performs a dramatic routine writhing and splashing inside a giant champagne glass while partly suspended from a trapeze.

The most memorable sequence brings the entire troop together for a perverse fashion show involving masters and their dogs where Crufts meets Couture. Three dog-owners show off their matching pooches through a series of tricks culminating in a series of very impressive joint hoop jumps before crowing their winner. The final image of the sequence will stick in your mind forever and always, but without wanting to give anything away, it is worth simply stating that it is not for the easily disturbed.

If you have a penchant for hot men in very little clothing, thrillingly dangerous circus skills, fabulous outfits, hilarious banter or rude monkeys, then this is the show for you.

Briefs The Second Coming runs for weeks, their longest London run so get your tickets booked or regret missing one of the hottest shows in town.

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Reviewed 30/08/14

By Dan Phillips

28th August – 28th September 2014
London Wonderground, London, SE1.

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