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BLACK CAT CABARET – London Wonderground, London.

black cat cabaret, london wondergroundBlack Cat Cabaret is one of several productions taking residence in London’s Wonderland this summer on the Southbank.  You may be familiar with the giant upturned purple Udder Belly cow, which has become part of the Southbank Centre this season bringing the Edinburgh Festival to London…well the Wonderground is tucked in next to it.

The first thing you notice when entering Wonderland is the gorgeous set, considering that this is a pop up venue.  Once you enter you’re transported to a decadent European cabaret club, reminiscent of Berlins’ Wintergarten and Paris’ Moulin Rouge, setting the tone for the evening’s events, the performers from the off have to be of a certain standard to match this ambiance.

A pre-show ensures this as while we find our seats, a plethora and variety of sordid lovelies aren’t afraid to approach, and some spectators were lucky enough to find someone sitting on their lap.

The evening opens with host – Dusty Limits – energetically performing with real panache and perfect comic timing.  He has the audience in the palm of his hand throughout with his easy charm and charisma.

The first act, Jo Moss, opens up proceedings with a bang, a life-sized hula hoop or wheel, at first glance may not look that impressive, but will quickly amaze you with control and athleticism, which Moss portrays with ease.

Other performances throughout the show include, Jess Love…another hula Hoop act, although this time a more traditional, several hoops at once affair, and one of the evening’s highlights due not just to the act itself but the performer. Love manages to strike the perfect balance between naughty, sexy, hilarious and girl-next-door making her alluring to watch and yet completely likeable to both men and women, a very difficult thing to achieve especially considering at one point she is fully nude! Perfectly pitched.

The dancing showgirls of the Cafe Rouge, give one of the most mesmerising performances with their first slot, a contemporary interpretation of the ‘Ballet Dancers’ from Degas’ paintings and a gender bending tango between 3 exquisite dancers as their second the performances from these girls is full of passion and attack on every move and displays intricate choreography to a tee.

Lilli la Scala, performs a very polished, and hilariously naughty opera number, with such clout, it is obvious to see she is a very confident seasoned performer, whom I will definitely look out for in the future.

Closing the show we see Hugo and Katherine as the Astounding Aerialists who really do astound, the best is definitely kept ’til last.  Watching this pair is utterly spellbinding, their seamless choreography as they work together on the caged trapeze is a real highlight.

Black Cat Cabaret playing at London’s Wonderground, is a naughty, decadent, sexy and thrilling show packed with talent and is an absolute must see.  Catch it while you can!

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Reviewed 13/06/14

By Sally Bowles

13th June – 26th September 2014
London Wonderground, London, SE1.

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