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17th Jul 2014
red ladies

RED LADIES – Southbank Centre, London.

Statement from the Red Ladies: We are not what you think. No matter what you think, we are not that. This is certainly true – and quite honestly, to try...

16th Apr 2014
rubbish, southbank centre

RUBBISH – Southbank Centre, London.

Walking into the Purcell Room a ginormous pile of rubbish faces you, gently exuding smoke. The effect is intriguing which is heightened by the entrance of the four performers in their...

13th Jul 2015

JAZZAMATAZZ – London Wonderground, London

If you have a little one bursting with enviable never-ending energy and you’re struggling to keep them occupied this summer, then head over to Jazzamatazz and join Ali McGregor’s infectious family cabaret...

25th Jun 2015

BROMANCE – Udderbelly, London.

Barely Methodical Troupe’s Bromance is a brilliant circus cocktail of acrobatics, dance, tricks and feats of bromantic trust, strength and friendship. This award winning trio comprised of Beren D’Amico, Charlie...

23rd Apr 2015

A SIMPLE SPACE – Udderbelly Festival, London.

There is nothing simple about this absolutely spectacular feat of acrobatics – except the space in which these seven highly talented young acrobats present a feast of visual entertainment; it...

02nd Sep 2014
briefs the second coming

BRIEFS THE SECOND COMING – London Wonderground, London.

Take six Australian hunks and one New Yorker of differing shapes and sizes, add a fierce portion of drag and mischievous masculinity, infuse with dancing, tumbling, juggling, acro-balancing, trapeze, hula...

02nd Jul 2014
richard iii

RICHARD III – St. Paul’s Church, London.

Squelching through the mucky alleys of the Southbank to spend the evenings at Shakespeare’s Globe back in the day when the Bard himself oversaw the shows, one would have had...

17th Jun 2014
black cat cabaret, london wonderground

BLACK CAT CABARET – London Wonderground, London.

Black Cat Cabaret is one of several productions taking residence in London’s Wonderland this summer on the Southbank.  You may be familiar with the giant upturned purple Udder Belly cow,...

22nd Sep 2013
briefs the second coming

BRIEFS THE SECOND COMING – London Wonderground, London.

I doubt that I am the first and certainly won’t be the last to say the following sentence… Briefs The Second Coming is a Cabaret night with balls, in every...

06th Oct 2012


This production of Pericles by Vox Humana at the Rose Theatre Southbank marked a double first for me: my first time to see the play and debut visit to the Rose....

17th Sep 2012
Apocastrip wow


This show provides many firsts.  The main new experience? Finding myself really rather nervous as I took my seat for this unique piece, for the buzz around the Priceless Wonderground...

12th Sep 2012


ONE NIGHT ONLY! Newlywed US/UK  couple The Freak and the Showgirl present a cabaret comedy sideshow striptease spectacular that is sexy, sick, offensive, funny as hell, and like nothing you have...