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29th Aug 2015

THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE – Landor Theatre, London.

Thoroughly Modern Millie is a lot of fun. The carefree, frivolous world of New York in the 1920’s is captured wonderfully in the Landor Theatre’s latest revival, directed with pizzazz...

01st Jun 2015

THE CLOCKMAKER’S DAUGHTER – The Landor Theatre, London.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a traditional fairytale. The story is simple, with a clear moral message and an element of fantasy. Despite honouring tradition, in many ways The Clockmaker’s Daughter...

09th Feb 2015

SHE LOVES ME – Landor Theatre, London.

The premise of She Loves Me will be familiar to almost everybody, in the form of the 1998 You’ve Got Mail which was based on the same play that She Loves...

09th Oct 2014

DAMN YANKEES – Landor Theatre, London

There’s a school of people out there who think the style of Musical from 1950’s Broadway are the only true musicals. Anything else is a pale imitation, bereft of the...

07th Jun 2014
zanna don't, landor theatre

ZANNA DON’T – Landor Theatre, London.

Zanna Don’t is the debut production from Entourage Productions, led by producer CJ de Mooi (Eggheads) and director Drew Baker and marking the first of a number of musical projects...

14th May 2014


This production offers a fascinating snap shot into the life of Liza Minnelli and her relationships with both of her parents, but particularly with her mother Judy Garland. Set in...

07th Mar 2014
The Mistress Cycle. Photo Credit Charlotte Hopkins (2)

THE MISTRESS CYCLE – Landor Theatre, London.

The Mistress Cycle is dubbed as ‘a musical tale of sacrifice, destruction and renewal.’ It all sounds very dramatic, but the reality of the production doesn’t quite match up to...

28th Jan 2014
no way to treat a lady

NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY – Landor Theatre, London.

Based on William Goldman’s bestselling novel, this Off-Broadway adaptation of the acclaimed book and film No Way to Treat a Lady makes its way onto the London stage at the...

19th Dec 2013
meet me in st. louis, darren bell, landor theatre, review

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS – Landor Theatre, London.

Meet Me in St. Louis is the kind of quintessentially twee story that either completely charms, or repels you.  Originally a 1944 film starring Judy Garland, the story depicts the...

16th Nov 2013
Rory Fleck Byrne as Henry and Caroline Wildi as Martha in THAT FACE. Photo Credit Darren Bell

THAT FACE – Landor Theatre, London.

Back in 2007, Polly Stenham caused a furore with her debut play That Face. Not only did it mark a change of direction for the Royal Court by turning an...

11th Oct 2013
The Bakewell Bake Off, landor theatre

THE BAKEWELL BAKE OFF – Landor Theatre, London.

With fourteen writers, this Musical really does prove that too many cooks, or bakers, can spoil the proverbial cake. Nothing normally excites me more than new musicals, well nothing other than...

16th Aug 2013

TITLE OF SHOW – Landor Theatre, London.

[title of show] by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell (played here by Simon Bailey and Scott Garnham), is a real life story of how they wrote a Musical as an entry...