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25th Aug 2016
Le Bossu

LE BOSSU – Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh.

It’s always disappointing when a company whose work you adored in their debut at the fringe, returns with a show that whilst still having its moments, is somehow missing that...

19th Aug 2016

F**CKING MEN, Assembly Hall, Edinburgh.

Direct from a sold out (much extended run) at London’s Kings Head Theatre F**king Men makes its debut at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Writer Joe Di Pietro’s startling play is...

19th Aug 2016

GHOST QUARTET – Roundabout@SummerHall, Edinburgh.

It’s past 9pm and a group of four musicians take to the stage at Paines Plough’s pop-up Roundabout, to weave their spellbinding musical storytelling around the audience – filling this...

19th Aug 2016

LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS – Roundabout @ SummerHall, Edinburgh.

Imagine an alternate universe where a new law was passed so that we could all only use 140 words per day (I would be absolutely useless and probably end up...

19th Aug 2016

AVA/ADA – Underbelly, Edinburgh.

Sometimes there are Fringe shows where you come out buzzing and filled with the possibilities of what theatre can be. As one of the most imaginative shows ever staged at the...

19th Aug 2016

HOW TO WIN AGAINST HISTORY – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh.

You’re not always certain when a fringe show starts that you are going to enjoy it. Especially when it’s in a venue that is a glorified metal container. Crammed into...

17th Aug 2015
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT – Underbelly, Edinburgh.

Some of the most profoundly affecting shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe have been autobiographical. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a spellbinding account of one woman’s life in the RAF, told with...

10th Aug 2015

WE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY – Assembly George Square, Edinburgh.

In one of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe pop-up venues, on a set reminiscent of a children’s television show with Astroturf, gnomes and hot pink flamingos, Harry and Alice want to...

10th Aug 2015

BROMANCE – Underbelly’s Circus Hub, Edinburgh.

“Bromance – noun (informal). 1. A close but non-sexual relationship between two men. Early 21st-century: blend of brother and romance.” The work of Barely Methodical Troupe, Bromance is a beguiling show...

09th Aug 2015

CLOSE UP – Underbelly, Edinburgh.

“Have you ever felt an acrobat’s hands?” Fast becoming an essential part of Edinburgh Fringe, is the modern circus scene. A far cry from painted clowns and abused animals of...

27th Aug 2014

LILI LA SCALA – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is filled with all sorts of cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville-style events but self-diagnosed “Drag queen in the body of a straight woman” Lili La Scala brings together...

27th Aug 2014
The Curing Room - The Pleasance Islington

THE CURING ROOM – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh.

The Theatre practitioner Antonin Artaud, created the Theatre of Cruelty to assault the senses of the audience, and allow them to feel the unexpressed emotions of the subconscious. The Curing...