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26th May 2016

A SUBJECT OF SCANDAL AND CONCERN – Finborough Theatre, London.

2016 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the term “angry young man” being coined by George Fearon in an attempt to describe John Osborne’s post-war writing to an audience more accustomed...

21st Feb 2015

THE SECRET ADVERSARY – Watermill Theatre, Newbury

Director Sarah Punshon and her cohort Johann Hari have taken on a gargantuan task by attempting to meld the sprawling chaos and neat glamour of Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary into...

03rd Aug 2014

MURDER ON AIR – Richmond Theatre, London.

Having enjoyed previous success on tour, Agatha Christie’s Murder on Air returns to London’s Richmond Theatre with a golden cast. Split into three individual radio plays with all of the...

25th Jun 2013

GO BACK FOR MURDER – Richmond Theatre, Surrey.

One of Agatha Christie’s last plays, first performed in 1960, is now showing for a week at the plush Richmond Theatre courtesy of the official theatre production company of the...

13th Jun 2013
murder, marple and me

MURDER, MARPLE AND ME – Ambassadors Theatre, London.

“What kind of people read detective stories and why?” asks Agatha Christie in her seminal essay Detective Writers in England. The Queen of Crime concludes that our love of whodunits...

08th Mar 2013


They say you should never judge a book by its cover, equally could we say you should never judge a play by its first scene? If we were to do...